Gone Fishin’

On vacation (watering hole in Wisconsin) until August 12.  I’ll be back with tons more fun for you soon!

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I notice I sent out the last post with a few spelling and grammar errors.  Guess it’s just the laziness of summer settling in.

Be kind to yourself.  Life is better when you’re not perfect.



“Summer’s here.  I’m for that.  Got my rubber sandals. Got my straw hat.  Drinking cold beer.  Man, I’m glad that I’m here.  It’s my favorite time of the year and I’m glad that it’s here.” – James Taylor

With Carmegeddon hours away, you’ve either left town or you are barricaded inside with a stack from Red Box and a stocked pantry of comfort food.  I’m in the “flee LA” camp and have been for a few weeks.  Lots of time with family and all things summer is supposed to be – watermelon, swimming, sunshine, barefoot and laughter.   Whether you are home or away, I hope your days are filled with your favorite things of summer.

And when you’re ready to venture out, here’s a few things you might want to do:

1)  Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain ($)

Keep your eyes on the screen and the beautifully remastered 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz at the historical Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood (July 29).  Settle in with a big popcorn cuz it’s a double feature – Oz is playing in tandem with the 1986 live action puppet cult favorite Labyrinth + Kristin suggests:  Got a road trip this summer and can’t make the movie?  Take along the 4-cd set The Children’s Museum of LA Presents The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:  A Centennial Edition.  Richly voiced by Hollywood’s own odd cast of characters including Phyllis Diller, Robert Guillame and Michelle Trachtenberg.   Kristin 411:  Disney’s Oz: The Great and Powerful, the star laden prequel to The Wizard of Oz, starts shooting this month in Michigan with a 2013 release.

2)  Yes, Virginia, There is a Lake in Los Angeles ($$)

LA County Parks & Rec runs one of the best fishing lakes (okay, reservoir) in the region – Castaic Lake.  Only 60 miles from downtown, this giant fishin’ hole holds the World Record Catch of a Largemouth Bass (22lbs. 4oz.).  Granted, it was 1932, but there’s plenty of other fish in the Castaic “sea” and many are closing in on this record + Gear up at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Rancho Cucamonga.  Even if you’re not fishing, you’ve got to go to this store – a theme park for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Not-To-Miss Event:   Sade/John Legend at Staples Center (Aug. 19 – 21).  Sade is “king” and John Legend . . . well, if his name isn’t ringing a bell, let a few of his tracks ring in your ears and you’ll be hooked (Ordinary People, Save Room).  Hot.

Enjoy your Summergeddon and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

Flags Waving

Happy 4th of July!  


Festivals, festivals, festivals!

1)  No Laugh Track Needed ($)

The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre, Fairfax, hosts the Everything is Festival (June 30 – July 4).  It’s wacked, but for those of you who are (and you know who you are), this one’s for you.  Everything from a serious (yeah, right) symposium with Conan’s Writers (June 30, $10) to a compilation of obscure 70’s tv variety specials starring Dora Hall (July 3 $10) – grandmotherly wife of the Solo Cup Company founder.  Dora doesn’t have an ounce of talent, but thanks to her bottomless bank account, her cup floweth over with talented co-stars:  Frank Sinatra Jr., Phil Harris, Rosie Grier and Rich Little among them + In honor of Ol’ Blue Eyes, grab a couple NY slices before the festival at one of Frank Senior’s favorite Italian purveyors – Patsy D’Amore’s Pizza – the offshoot of Frank and Patsy’s Hollywood mafia hangout Villa Capri.  Open at the LA Farmer’s Market since 1949, Patsy’s Pizza is still in the family, run by Patsy’s daughter Filomena.

2)  A Whopper of an Art Bazaar ($$)

Feed your art appetite this summer from a menu of festivals in the beautiful artist colony of Laguna Beach.   Sawdust Art Festival, Festival of Arts and Art A Fair make up a mouthful of choices.  Just be sure to arrive early, so you can fill up on it all + Spend your evening at the amazing must-do Pageant of the Masters, where art comes to life in two acts of live performances.  Or if the beach is beckoning, pop your purchases in the trunk and follow Rte. 33 thru the canyon to the ocean.  Dine on the terrace at Surf & Sand Resort’s newly remodeled Splashes Restaurant or enjoy the ocean breezes at their open air lounge 15FiftyFiveKristin suggests:  Order a Passport to the Arts online for $19 (savings of $17) to visit the three art festivals all summer long plus one-time free parking (Pageant of the Masters excluded).

3)  Smorgasbord of Street Food ($)

If you’re still a street food virgin, you’ll want to make the LA Street Food Festival (July 16) your first.  Held in Pasadena, the Rose Bowl resembles the 110 downtown during rush hour with so many trucks lined up to serve you.  With over 65 vendors to taste, you’ll want to fast the night before.  Here’s just a few confirmed favorites on the line-upLardon Truck (bacon baby!), Mexicali Taco Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, Great Balls on Tires, CoolHaus and Ice Ice Shavie (just for you Jen!)

Enjoy the festivities and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life.”  – Vincent Price

1)  Monster in the Art World ($)

. . . No mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller!  And art is what thrilled Vincent Price.  So much so that he amassed a 2,000 piece collection and bequeathed it to East Los Angeles College.  This year would have marked Price’s 100th birthday so it’s fitting to celebrate with the opening of ELAC’s Vincent Price Museum – a state-of-the-art four story facility dedicated to art education and emerging artists + Within walking distance is Cook’s Tortas, the Latin inspired cafe that’s a must stop after the museum.  Fresh baked bread, a chalkboard of choices and melon aguas frescas – good enough to wake the dead!  Kristin suggests:  Six minutes are all you need to enjoy Tim Burton’s short film Vincent about a boy who wants to be Vincent Price.  Narrated by the film’s namesake, Price called it “immortality – better than a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

2)  Check Out the Castle ($$)

Looming over Old Town Pasadena is the 1898 Castle Green – the Moorish and Spanish Colonial style building that was once part of the grandest hotel downtown.  Step back in time this Sunday (June 26) when the private 9-story residential beauty opens its doors to the public for a one-day event.  Roam the public rooms including the Grand Salon, the Palm Room, The Turkish Room, an open cage elevator, the bridge and tour 20 personal residences + Walk across the street to lunch at The Luggage Room Pizzeria, housed in the original 1925 Santa Fe Train Station’s baggage room + Add to the nostalgia a few blocks away at Rocket Fizz where you can get high on the candy treats and soda pop that sweetened your childhood memories.  Kristin suggests:  Major sugar rush incoming, so pack a couple bottles of water for landing.

3)  Bono’s Back (is better)! ($$$)

Tonight is U2 at Angel Stadium, Anaheim – the make-up concert for one of their canceled ones a couple of years back.  Rumor has it there’ll be lots of bummed fans with tix to sell since the date was designated, not selected by ticket holders.  For $7 bucks you can take the Metrolink from Union Station straight to the stadium’s door.  Pay a bit to get in (but possibly less than brokers) and your Saturday will be rocking where the streets have no name!

Thanks all for the latest suggestions – keep ’em coming at KristinStone1@gmail.com.  Have an awesome week and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

School’s Out!

Time to get your summer on!

1)  Hot Dawg! ($)

Lots of talk about wieners this week, so here’s some of my favorites:

Taste Chicago – Owners Joe and Arlene Mantegna (Criminal Minds fame) bring all the best of Chicago to LA.  Chicago dogs slathered in neon green relish, celery salt, pickles & tomatoes, Italian beef, ice-cold beer and the Cubs games.  Smells like Wrigley Field in Burbank.

Papaya King – New York City’s West Side monarch is looking to de-throne Pinks in Hollywood.   You’ve probably seen Papaya King’s racy billboards around town.   Polynesian links and tropical drinks means there’ll be a wait, but why rush?  You’re on island time!  (And anyway, isn’t that why you have a Sudoku app on your phone?)

The Stand – Can I be frank?  Their classic frank, a bubbly Coke and Frank tunes on the patio make this Encino hot dog stand frankly the best.

Slaw Dogs – Not a slaw fan? No worries.  They’ve got all the trimmings for your pup, but it’s their basket of onion rings that puts ’em on the map.  Light, puffy, just the right crunch – hard to resist.  Set your GPS for Lake exit, Pasadena, just past Orange Grove.  Or if you live close by, take your dog for a walk home.

2)  Woodies in San Marino ($)

Couldn’t resist, but yes, there will be Woodies, Hot Rods, Race Cars, Jags, Porches,  and Cobras polishing their rims for the San Marino Motor Classic, June 12.  $25 admission may seem steep, but if you like your cars, this show, set in lush Lacy Park, is better than a Sunday drive + After, motor over to Alma B’s Cafe, San Marino, for a real treat – Lappert’s Ice Cream.  I got hooked in Hawaii (Lappert’s got its start there) so finding it mainland makes me happy.

3)  Gettin’ Happy ($$)

If gettin’ happy is what you’re wantin’ to do this weekend, then get tix for the LA Wine Festival (June 11-12), Raleigh Studios.  With 40 labels representin’ and food trucks in tow, all you’ll need for a good time is a designated driver and a hollow leg.  Kristin suggests:  Use “blog10” discount code for $10 off Saturday night’s VIP event.  Check the website for “designated driver” deals too.

Not-To-Miss Event:  Pasadena’s celebrating 125 years young!  Join the party (it’s FREE) at the Pasadena Museum of History Saturday, June 11.  Bring the kids – there’s something for everyone.

Happy days are here again!  Have fun and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”