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Stinkin’ Good

When it smells right…..

1)  Hammer Time ($$)

Jonathan Gold (Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic) and Brett Easton Ellis (biting author of well-known works such as Less Than Zero) are chomping at the bit to talk pop culture, LA and food.  Come November 16th they’ll have their say as featured guests of The Hammer Conversations, Hammer Museum, Westwood (tix FREE) + Segue semantics to spaghetti al pomodoro at Scarpetta, Beverly Hills (at The Montage).  Review for yourself award-winning chef Scott Conant’s west coast version of his New York flagship, the latter nominated “Best New Restaurant from the James Beard Foundation.” Kristin trivia: Jonathan Gold has posted an open letter to Queen of Southern Cooking Paula Deen for his stinky remarks regarding her selection as Grand Marshall of The Rose Bowl Parade 2011.

2)  Is it the Yeast in Beer that Stinks?  ($$$$)

Road trip to Buellton, CA (where’s that? near Solvang) for the anomalous Firestone Walker Brewery’s Stinky Dinner this Nov. 5th (tickets very limited).   What makes it “stinky?”  Not sure, but word has it the beer’s the bomb.  Be one of the first to imbibe Firestone 14 along with other Firestone Walker branded lagers + Hang-up your hangover at Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort.  Reserve a cottage and make a weekend of it (you won’t want to drive home anyway).  Fish the 100 acre spring fed lake, horseback along the rolling hills or just nap the day away.

3)  Stinky Cheese ($-$$)

Have you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid (or seen the movie)?  There’s a whole joke about not touching the kid who last touched a rotting slice of cheese left on the playground (gross).  We laugh about it, but truth be told, we love stinky cheese.  Have a cheese tasting party at home.  The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and The Cheese Store of Pasadena (just opened) can suggest an array that’ll tickle your taste buds and smoke out the dog.  Not feeling up for entertaining?  Snag a coveted seat at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills 10th Annual Holiday Spectacular (tix $100) and have them do the pairing (and cleaning up).

Have a stinkin’ great time and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

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Early post this week cuz I’m taking my advice and heading out for the weekend.

1)  Weird Science ($$)

Just south of Bev. Hills on Pico is Test Kitchen, where you’ll find visiting celebrity chefs and new menus daily.  Their want ad should read “Looking for Risk Takers Who Seek Food for Entertainment” + Want more adventure?  Finish off your meal at Scoops, East Hollywood, an eclectic ice cream parlor/art gallery.  They’re brewing up beer ice cream – several flavors on tap.  Perfect for those that missed the Beer Float Competition at Verdugo Bar.

2)  Light Your Fire ($$)

The 700-degree wood oven is roaring at the day old Luggage Room Pizzeria, Pasadena.  Cool digs in the old train station’s luggage room, built close to the tracks so luggage could be tossed in from the train.  Only thing tossed here now is yummy pizza + Before dinner make a date for the Laemmle Playhouse 7 to see the incredible Mao’s Last Dancer (5:30pm showtime), based on the true story of Li Cunxin.  Pizza, ballet and political strife may be an odd mix, but it makes for an awesome night out.

3)  To Helms and Back ($)

Have you been to Helms Bakery – the massive reuse furnishings mecca in the heart of Culver City?  Surely you’ve driven by wondering where the smell of fresh-baked bread has gone.  French loaves and buttery scones have been replaced with french toile and buttery leathers.  Wander the many showrooms, including the just expanded H.D. Buttercup – known for their funky mix of home accessories and furniture + Clock in early for lunch at the always popular on-site eatery Father’s Office (based on the original in Santa Monica).  Get the burger, but don’t ask for substitutions – rumor has it they’ll politely decline.  Kristin suggests: If you’re not in the mood for a fuss, grab a hot dog and bottled coke at the anchored food truck Let’s Be Frank (grass-fed beef).  If I can be frank, it’s more than fine.  Kristin Tip: Who doesn’t love shopping and open bar?  Don’t miss H.D. Buttercup’s party tomorrow night (Fri, Oct. 22) – free food, open bar, dj and dancing!  Click here to snag free tix.

Not-To-Miss Event: Pasadena’s Scarlet Tea Room is putting on a helluva show and it’s not necessarily for the “ladies who lunch.”   Scarlet’s Halloween Burlesque (Oct. 28) is for every red-blooded male (and female).  The drink menu alone lures you in with tantalizing Bloody-Tinis and Corpse Revivers.  Dinner looks deathly delectable too.

Have fun and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

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Halloween’s not just for kids.

1)  The Monster Mash, It was a Graveyard Smash ($)

Graveyards are pretty common this time of year for more than just the dead, but how about a hair-raising Haunted Hayride through LA’s old zoo in Griffith Park. Around every dark turn you’ll find (or they’ll find you) plenty of zombies, hatchet men and clowns + Gird your loins beforehand with a carnivorous meal at Animal. Their ever-changing menu reads like a gastronomic sequel to “Silence of the Lambs” (minus the human cannibalism).  Makes me wonder what happened to the old zoo’s animals.

2) Witchy Woman, See How High She Flies ($)

Maybe you won’t see a witch fly over the “witch’s house” in Beverly Hills, but you’ll see the house and other notorious Hollywood haunts on the Haunted Hollywood Tour.  Scroll through the tour’s picture gallery to see where your last hours just may be spent + For those that make it back alive, get a ticket for Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.  They recently added (Twilight vampire) Robert Pattinson and (Glee gym teacher) Jane Lynch.  Kristin suggests: Ask for the LA Resident Discount at the museum’s box office and kids in costume are free (Oct. 25 – 31).

3)  Love is Kind of Crazy With a Spooky Little Boy Like You ($$)

There’s something sexy about Halloween – a chill in the air, lots of mystery and haunting music.  But if you’re looking to skip the scare and still raise your heart rate, how about testing your ticker (and your pucker too) at Disneyland?  I’m not talking about the roller coasters either. Where do you think the best place to kiss at Disney is?  Here’s my top five list:  The Haunted Mansion (whenever lighting strikes), the caverns on Tom Sawyer’s Island (just be mindful of the youngsters), Mad Tea Party Teacups (the kiss will make you dizzy anyway),  “It’s a Small World” (everyone else does) and Splash Mountain (try to kiss on the drop just as the photo’s taken) + When your lips are chapped, go next door to Disney’s California Adventure to see The World of Colora technological wonder of streaming water, color, lights, music and fire. Kristin suggests: Don’t miss Soarin’ Over California (at California Adventure) – it’s an attraction you’ll run back in line for again and again.

Enjoy all the spooky (and not-so-spooky) fun and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

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More For This Weekend

*First, a big shout out to my editor who has been under the weather.  I’m sure you’ve noticed her absence as my typos have increased.  M.E. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

Here’s a couple last-minute entries for this weekend:

Movie: Waiting for “Superman” (Sundance Audience Winner) is the ticket – the buzz is growing.

Architecture: Julius Shulman (revered 20th-century architectural photographer) would have been 100 this weekend.  There’s lots of celebrating around town (LA Times article) including a dinner event with Diane Keaton.  Architectural buffs keep your eye out for a return screening of Visual Acoustics – a must-see documentary narrated by Dustin Hoffman that follows the life and works of Shulman.

Art: The Brewery live/work art colony downtown is open for their Fall Artwalk.  Visit over 100 artists’ studios and purchase work at studio prices.

Food: Take advantage of the mild weekend weather for margaritas and oysters at the recently revamped Gladstone’s Malibu.  You can’t beat the view.

Just some ideas if you’re still mulling things around.  Of course, there’s always football!

Have fun and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

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There’s no shortage of fun in Los Angeles, just got to be game.

1)  Parker Brothers on Steroids  $$

Big games come to life in Culver City at IndiCade (Oct. 8-10).  What is it?  Hard to say exactly.  Just seems too cool not to give it a try.  Check out its site and see if you can make heads or tails of it.  Then get your game on and go.  Kristin suggests: While you’re there, roll the dice on Fords’s Filling Station.  You’re bound to have a winning meal.  Great pub burgers (Maytag Blue & caramelized onions), savory onion rings and just-right grilled asparagus spears.  Can you tell I’m hungry? (and yes, if you’re wondering, Harrison’s son owns).

2)  Pop-Up Dining $$

Finding the latest “pop-up” dining experience is a game, but when you do, it’s an exciting way to eat out.  For foodies, you’ll find LudoBites 6.0 popping up in Sherman Oaks (Oct. 20 – Nov. 11 & Nov.30 – Dec. 5) at the recently shuttered restaurant, Marche.  Gastronomic master Ludo Lefebvre is hot in the kitchen and all around hot, hot, hot and he’s having fun creating a memorable menu for the lucky few who get reservations.  His last go-round sold out in minutes, so clear your calendar on Oct. 12,  5pm to snag a seat. 

3)  What’s the Name of the Game?  $

Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s, WeHo, is not your grandma’s social hall, church fundraising kind of bingo – it’s naughty (not that grandma isn’t sometimes) and loaded with fun.  What happens when you win?  You get prizes (good ones), pelted with the losers’ game cards and paddled as you run through the restaurant encouraged by celebrity hosts and an always lovely drag queen.  The best part is it’s all for charity.  Seriously, what was there “B4” Legendary Bingo?  Kristin suggests: Go when “Bridgette of Madison County” is calling numbers – she’s bust out loud hilarious!

Not-To-Miss Event: Now’s a great time to visit LACMA and enjoy the just opened Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition PavilionRenzo Piano‘s architectural beauty currently houses three inaugural exhibits. If you can’t visit soon, then listen to Lynda Resnick talk a bit about her private collection at LACMA (it’s the audio tour you’d hear there).  Nothing stuffy about her.  Kristin suggests: Visit over lunch so you can sample from the many food trucks that frequent the campus.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

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Tool Around with Your Best Pals

Grab some friends and make some fun!

1) Get Hammered* ($)

Come October there’s plenty of places to get your weiner schnitzel on.  The Barker Hangar, Santa Monica, (Oct. 8-10) is transformed into a beer drinking, Prost! toasting die festhalle complete with 21-piece Bavarian band.  That’s a lot of Oompah!  Tickets still available.  No kids Fri-Sat pm, Sun is family day. Tracht (German attire) welcome.  You might also want to chicken dance over to The Verdugo Bar, Glassell Park, (Oct. 9) for their beer and brat Oktoberfest.  Ticket comes with 3 drink tokens.  Kristin suggests: If the 9th doesn’t work, how’s the 10th?  The Verdugo Bar is hosting the 2nd Annual  Beer Float Showdown (yes, beer and ice cream combo) as part of LA’s Beer Week.

2)  Get Nailed ($)

Or watch the ladies of roller derby get nailed as they go balls out around the rink at the Doll Factory.  Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the Sirens from the Fight Crew – LA Derby Doll matches are packed with plenty of fast-moving, hard-hitting girl power. If watching isn’t enough, join the Derby girls for their 8-week skating fitness program Derby Por Vida (wrist and mouth guards not provided).  Love it?  Skate your way to a place on the team + Post-match dine at the 101 Coffee Shop, Hollywood, as retro as the roller rink itself.

3)  Get Crafty ($)

It’s Pasadena’s 19th Annual Craftsman Weekend (Oct. 15-17) – an ode to all things Arts & Crafts.  A few weekends away, but tickets are selling out for various events, so make your plans now.  There’s architectural tours, home tours, Old Pasadena walking tour and the Craftsman Exposition at the expansive Pasadena Convention Center.  If your color palette includes Greene & Greene, this is the weekend for you!

Not-To-Miss Cause:  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There’s lots of pink-infused fun (products, events, specials) all over town.  Look for ways you can help the cause.  Here’s a yummy one:  pink ribbon cupcakes at Sprinkles (Oct. 1-7).  It’s a win/win – 100% of the proceeds goes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund while 100% of the cupcake goes in your tummy!

Prost! and don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”

*Please drink responsibly

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