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Sumptin Sumptin

Take your pick.

1)  March Migration (FREE – $$)

Bring your binoculars, boat shoes and baby beluga to the 40th Annual Dana Point Festival of Whales (March 5, 6 & 11 & 12).  Lots of food (Dana Point Restaurant Week), a parade (March 6) and of course, whales!  Climb the Headland cliffs near the harbor to catch sight of the California Grey Whales returning north 5000 miles to Alaska.  Or catch a ketch headed out to “sea” these majestic mammals.  They swim along Long Beach too – here’s what swam by today.

2)  Dog Fight ($$ – $$$$)

If harpooning a whale sounds more like your fun, then take your gunning to the skies, Maverick, with a day at Air Combat USA, Fullerton.  You’ll man the controls of a Marchetti SF 260.  In their words, an “amazing, fully aerobatic, high-performance aircraft capable of withstanding the high G, three-dimensional, aerobatic environment of the aerial combat arena.”  And if that’s not enough to get your adrenaline pumping, then pilot an Extra 300L – “an aerobatic champion that boasts an extremely high roll-rate and exhibits cockpit characteristics similar to the F-16.” Not sure what all that means, but sure sounds like a rush!  Kristin suggests: If playing an aerial game of laser tag isn’t for you, Goose, then take your chicken butt to the next best thing – Flight Deck Air Combat Center, Anaheim.  In their words, an “authentic military flight simulation center providing everybody the chance to pilot a fighter jet flight simulator.  Flight-gear, training and in-flight instruction are provided to ensure a challenging aviation-themed adventure that you won’t forget.”  What they didn’t say, but is implied, a flight simulator is a safer, more affordable choice – just maybe not as sexy for you Top Gunners.

3) Diamond in the Rough (FREE – $$)

There’s a magnificent mid-century overlooking Silver Lake Reservoir on the precipice of greatness.  The VDL House, residence of the late Richard Neutra, is emerging on the bucket list of many.  Not only did Neutra, considered one of the most influential modern architects, and his family live here, but several other famous architects lived and worked here too (Donald Wexler, Gregory Ain and Raphael Soriano).  Built in 1932, the house burned in 1963. Neutra and his son Dion rebuilt it, making some improvements, but maintaining the footprint of the original home. Although in need of restoration, the home is open to the public (Saturdays) and for special guest lectures + On your way there, drive by Neutra’s Design Studio, 2379 Glendale Blvd. Look for Neutra and Dion’s sign still out front.  Kristin suggests: Check it off your bucket list this Tuesday (March 1st) when historian David Nye speaks on “Wartime Necessity to Cultural Rorschach Test (1935 – 2003).”  Kristin suggests: It’s not in the neighborhood, but if you’re wanting that “mid-century modern” dining experience, try Beechwood, Venice.  Top Chef’s Jamie Lauren’s on to something. The place is a beauty and the food worthy of this century.

Not-To-Miss Event: Still a few tix left for Tony Bennett.  Not my favorite setting for him (Pechanga, April 9), but what the heck – it’s Tony Bennett.  Take your mom and you win big!

Still raining, huh?  Light a fire and enjoy the mood.  But if you go out, don’t forget to tell ’em “Kristin sent me.”


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